Memory for Piano and Fixmedia (4 channels)
– 2021, Toronto (Canada), Anoush Moazzeni

“Who am I?” for Clarinet in Bb and Fixmedia
– 2020, New York (the USA), Kathryn Vetter

Daramad for Tar and Fixmedia
–  2020, Tehran (Iran), Golnaz Khalili
–  2020, the fourth annual ROCC (Research on Contemporary Composition Conference) at the University of North Georgia (the USA), Golnaz Khalili
– 2021, Hot Air Music Festival (San Francisco Conservatory of Music), Golnaz Khalili

Daramad for Soprano Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone and Fixmedia
– 2020, the University of Oklahoma (the USA), Zen Duo

Daramad for three Sopranos and Fixmedia,
–  2020, Tehran (Iran), Shaghayegh Bagheri,
–  2020, 4th Tehran Electronic Festival (Iran), Shaghayegh Bagheri

On the threshold for Soprano, Santor, Tar, Piano and Fixmedia
– 2020, Tehran (Iran), the Other ensemble (Postponed for Coronavirus pandemic)

LAL-BAZI For Soprano, Bass Clarinet and Percussion (Tombak)
– 2020, Newyork (the USA), Sputter Box ensemble (Postponed for Coronavirus pandemic)

Khane Haftom for Santoor and fixmedia
–  2020, New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival (the USA), Puneh Zare’i Sefid Dashti
–  2019, 3rd Tehran Electronic Festival (Iran), Soheil Tabatabaee
–  2018, WRCMS (Canada), Puneh Zare’i Sefid Dashti

Daramad for Piano, Violin, Bassoon and Percussion
– 2019, the University of Michigan (the USA), Front Porch ensemble

Too loud a solitude for Cello and live electronic (Max/MSP)
– 2019, Sprengel Museum (Hanover – Germany), Ulrike Brand (Germany) and Ali Balighi (Iran)
– 2019, Vilnius (Lithuania), Twenty Fingers Duo
– 2018, 2nd Tehran Electronic Festival (Iran), Ulrike Brand (Germany) and Ali Balighi (Iran)

Chahar-rah for 6 laptops
– 2019, International Computer Music Conference and New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival (the USA), SynthBeats
– 2018, Stony Brook University (the USA), SynthBeats

A little Piece for Violin and live electronic
– 2018, Tehran (Iran), Neda Asadi Nejad

Walking in the darkness for Santoor
–  2018, Sibelius Academy (Finland), Puneh Zare’i Sefid Dashti
–  2017, 2nd Tehran Contemporary Music Festival (Iran), Puneh Zare’i Sefid Dashti

Daramad for Clarinet in Bb, Baritone Saxophone & Harp
– 2018, the University of Michigan (the USA), The _______ Experiment

5 Poems for Piano
– 2018, Krakow (Poland), Ludger Hofmann-Engl

The birth of tragedy for Santoor and fixmedia
–  2019, Tehran (Iran), Puneh Zare’i Sefid Dashti
–  2018, 3nd Tehran Contemporary Music Festival (Iran), Ladan Sheikhi
–  2018, Ghent (Belgium), Puneh Zare’i Sefid Dashti

Daramad for Accordion
– 2017, Toronto (Canada), Michael Bridge