Program note:

This piece is based on traditional Persian music related to Nowruz, the Persian New Year. The Nowruz festival marks the beginning of spring and has been celebrated for over 3,000 years. A total of six minutes and five seconds are devoted to the composition, which represents the 13 days of Nowruz celebration. There are two matrices involved in the composition, each with a specific pitch relationship. In Iran, Nowruz celebrations include the use of traditional instruments such as Saz and Dohol.

I composed this piece based on a poem, and I incorporated the poetic atmosphere into the composition.

گردباد که آمد
همه چیز را با خود برد
جز درخت یادت
.که ریشه در زمین داشت

When the tornado came,
It took everything with itself,
Except for the tree of your memory,
Which had its roots in the ground.

  • Ali Balighi

This piece has a duration of 231 seconds, which is three minutes and fifty-one seconds. I used the abjad system for a Persian word from the poem ” گردباد,” which means tornado, for this duration. An abjad is a system of notation in which each letter of the Arabic alphabet is assigned a numerical value.

The fixed media and score are available for download through the permanent link

Whispers of Papers:
As opposed to traditional musical composition methods, in which paper is used for writing scores, I have chosen to use paper as an instrument for the creation of this album. There are fourteen movements in this piece. I have incorporated several algorithms for developing the microsound and electronic versions of specific sounds, including the use of Max MSP programming language and Logic Pro as the digital audio workstation for editing the sounds. Synthesizers have been used in certain movements to create a profound atmosphere. The piece was published by Noise a Noise in Berlin, Germany. Online platforms are available for this music.