I composed this piece based on a poem, and I incorporated the poetic atmosphere into the composition.

گردباد که آمد
همه چیز را با خود برد
جز درخت یادت
که ریشه در زمین داشت.

When the tornado came,
It took everything with itself,
Except for the tree of your memory,
Which had its roots in the ground.

  • Ali Balighi

Persian Poem-Inspired Contemporary Piece

This piece has a duration of 231 seconds, which is three minutes and fifty-one seconds. I used the abjad system for a Persian word from the poem ” گردباد,” which means tornado, for this duration. An abjad is a system of notation in which each letter of the Arabic alphabet is assigned a numerical value. 
The piece was performed at the School of Music Texas Tech University. Hamed Shadad played the clarinet part.

The fixed media and score are available for download through the permanent link.